Static and Enlightenment

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Wakes. The Well is Real. His sister is ill and requires attention. Heals sister.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The continual axing of the libidinal superstructure did not survive. An overthrow to the overt stimulus which lead to the sex-meme, the cuturally programmed response to specific erotic imagery, freed consumer society from deep advertising campaigns. Like Sleeping Beauty, western culture woke up, smelled the artificial commodity brewing all about themselves, and planted a garden of truly personal choice.

This happened over a sequence of time in which the fate of the entire planet and with it the survival of mankind was in Imminent Peril. Imminent Peril, like Grave Danger before it, ruled the globe with unintended wit and arrogant whimsy of cancerous frivolity.

When the so-called "Sledgehammer Revolts" began sprouting up in the coastal cities of California and the Eastern Seaboard, Imminent Peril unwisely hesitated. The revolts amounted to little more than small groups of activists who engaged with larger groups within the community, and encouraged them to sell their oil dependant automobiles (electric cars were spared and in fact highly valued). With their expensive automobiles out of the way, the coalition took to the streets and curbs with newly purchased sledgehammers and began the devastation of an invisible billion dollar parking industry. The militias smashed more than 80 miles of prime parking spots within their first week of operation. This created a response from local establishment officials of stupified confusion. What gives? Why our parking spaces?

After the first week, local police departments working with the unified efforts of the nations security forces had the parking spot fiasco largely under control. Last Bastion of Hope, Arkansas, the man accused of masterminding the revolt, was jailed and was to be tried for capital treason. Granting LBOH, AR a public trial and allowing him a trip through the (especially then) heavily prejudiced justice system was the mistake that cost Imminent Peril the empire.

The story of the Sledgehammer Revolts dominated the news media outlets day and night for many months. When the case of LBOH, AR vs USA finally got underway, the image of LBOH, AR (forcibly dressed in plain blaze orange jumpsuit, clothing contrasted by the defiance of his posture, face expressing quiet defiance, cheeks rough with beard, hair slicked and eyes determined) was embedded into the minds of every vaguely aware occidental inhabitant.

What happened next was anarchy.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Or rather, I'm pale and skinny!
Anime Expo 2004

Ha, ha! The mysteries revealed!
Anime Expo 2004

Ha, ha! The mysteries revealed!
I've barely bejun to do anything.

The days escape so quickly, and the cliche 'holy shit I'm thirty'. Most of my time is spent arguing with peolpe about things I feel ten different ways about. No one can give me a good reason to go on or to give up. The world is chaotic by nature and I'm scorned for not being able to lasso it under my control. I'm a teeter totter.

I lose everything. Literally, my wallet with it's contents, eyeglasses, special hats, money, pomade, virginities, self-awareness, certain digestive controls.

Anyway enough bitching lets look to the future. Anime Expo 2004 is coming in July and should be a nice way to spend a weekend in Anaheim.

Ahh, lets see if this works.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Inauguration day.

Who needs fiber when you've got caffeine?
Inauguration day.

Who needs fiber when you've got caffeine?

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